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Building and fixing stuff

  • Need 15 purple martin nest boxes to replace those damaged by winter storms?  Consider it done.
  • Need your patio furniture refinished?
  • Steps repaired?
  • Venetian blinds installed?
  • Front door varnished?
  • Just call.


  • Need to record that priceless jewellery or artwork for insurance purposes?

  • Or restore a cherished family photograph?
  • Or document a manufacture-defect?

  • Or sell something that’s tricky to photograph?

  • Let’s make some good images to post, for Powell River Swap ‘n Shop, Ebay, or Sothbys!

  • Or I can photograph it, build you a website, and let it sell itself!

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Fixing computers

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I can fix it!

  • Uncomfortable with Windows 8?

No problem.  What operating system would you prefer?

  • Viruses or malware or bloatware slowing you down?

Bring it on.

  • Need a new hard drive?

How many logical partitions would you like?

  • Having trouble configuring a home network?

Give me a call!






I paint houses. I may be slow by professional standards, but I take pains to do excellent work. Here are some before and after photographs…






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Spot the difference?






Give me a call!

I know you will be

pleased with the results

…and I thank you for looking!


I enjoy helping other people create or enhance their on-line presence.

Gary's Creations

Gary’s Creations

Once upon a time I built websites “from the ground up” with HTML and Notepad. Increasingly I have come to rely upon the mostly-free services and support available through WordPress.com

Here are two efforts.

The first is a simple page that I built for a local craftsman who creates wonderful wooden toys for children.  I spent a few hours photographing his creations, and a few more building his page.

Malaspina Naturalists

Malaspina Naturalist Club

The second is more elaborate, and involved scores of field-trip reports, photographs, documents, links, clickable image maps, live calendar feeds, and a password-protected instruction manual.

The philosophy remains the same: to create websites that are attractive, informative, and easily maintained by the owner.

 Do you want or need something similar?  
Or something very different?
Let’s talk…