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Canada Goose Survey 2019

I was hired by the City of Powell River to monitor Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) populations in the summer of 2019. 

My intention here is to provide some additional maps, photographs and data that were, for reasons of space, impossible to include in my final report.

A date-specific “heat-map” movie   (this is best viewed in “full-screen mode”)

Raw data

Simple abundance by count (Excel format)

Canada Goose survey, 2019. Data are simple abundance of juveniles and adults with a “cumulative detections curve” for all birds. Click to enlarge

I’ve also included survey point locations (a “zipped” kml for viewing in Google Earth) and shapefiles that contain simple abundance, and log(x+1) transfomed abundance values.

Results of the Powell River Canada Goose survey, 2019.
Sites with “zero-counts” are excluded. Data are normalized (log x+1) values.



2013 A submarine in Powell River?

Ok, so not exactly travel, but a weird day nonetheless.  I was on top of a ladder when Heather, who knows I’m interested in these kinds of things, called to say “there’s a submarine in our harbor’

Indeed, there was…

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Building and fixing stuff

  • Need 15 purple martin nest boxes to replace those damaged by winter storms?  Consider it done.
  • Need your patio furniture refinished?
  • Steps repaired?
  • Venetian blinds installed?
  • Front door varnished?
  • Just call.


  • Need to record that priceless jewellery or artwork for insurance purposes?

  • Or restore a cherished family photograph?
  • Or document a manufacture-defect?

  • Or sell something that’s tricky to photograph?

  • Let’s make some good images to post, for Powell River Swap ‘n Shop, Ebay, or Sothbys!

  • Or I can photograph it, build you a website, and let it sell itself!

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Fixing computers

As elsewhere in these pages, click on any image to see it at full size…

I can fix it!

  • Uncomfortable with Windows 8?

No problem.  What operating system would you prefer?

  • Viruses or malware or bloatware slowing you down?

Bring it on.

  • Need a new hard drive?

How many logical partitions would you like?

  • Having trouble configuring a home network?

Give me a call!






I paint houses. I may be slow by professional standards, but I take pains to do excellent work. Here are some before and after photographs…






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Spot the difference?






Give me a call!

I know you will be

pleased with the results

…and I thank you for looking!