Published photographs

Adult female Vancouver Island marmot, Haley Lake Ecological Reserve, 2 July 1988

GeographicBBC WildlifeInternational WildlifeEquinoxMaclean’s, Western Living, and many other brochures, popular magazines  and scientific publications..

Some have also seen print in books such as

Squirrels of the World (2012)
Hope for Animals and their World (2011)
Rodents and Lagomorphs of BC (2010) 
Wild Science (2004) 
Saving Endangered Species With a Scientist (2004)
Die Murmeltiere der welt (1996)
(The Marmots of the World)


It’s not that I’m the world’s greatest photographer or anything, but I did get to spend a lot of time with a particular endangered rodent.  Indeed if you Google “Vancouver Island marmot images”, you’ll see a bunch of my work, more often than not uncredited.

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Squirrels of the World Hope for Animals and their WorldRodents and Lagamorphs of bCWild ScienceSaving endangered species with a scientist