2013 Comox Air Show

Since childhood I have always been interested in aeroplanes.  Especially old ones.

I built scale models and drove my parents crazy with paint fumes and the ever-increasing accumulation of historical books and magazines.   Although I never become a licensed pilot, my fascination with aviation never left.

I had long yearned to see a spitfire in the air, but never had the opportunity. Until I hopped on the ferry and attended the 2013 Comox Air Show.  It’s definitely not Duxford, but I really appreciated how well the organizers ran the event, and how serendipitous it was that the Snowbirds performed right over my head while returning home.

Tick.  One more item off my bucket list.

Click on any image to start a full-screen slide-show (and hit “Esc” to return here)

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