About me

For over twenty-five years I have worked an independent consultant, specializing in conservation biology and endangered species management.  

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from the University of Waterloo (1984), a Masters degree in environmental science from the University of Calgary (1990), and a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Victoria (1998).

Past projects have included work on

  • red-shouldered hawks (Ontario),
  • burrowing owls (B.C. and Washington State),
  • hibernating bats (B.C.),
  • old-growth forest songbirds (B.C.),
  • aquatic plants (Quebec),
  • grizzly bears (B.C.),
  • rare butterflies (Ontario),
  • rare insectivorous plants (Nova Scotia),
  • spider monkeys (Costa Rica),
  • hoary marmots (Alaska) and endemic kingfishers (Atiu, south Pacific).
  • From 1987 through 2009 he was primarily focused on the conservation biology of Vancouver Island marmots (B.C.) 
He lives with his wife Heather on a small property in Powell River, British Columbia, where he enjoys playing with his cat, camera, computers and grandchildren.